Our Story

Lula 'n' Lee

A Short Story

 Once upon a time, in the year of 1940, a family wedding took place in a little white country church in the community of Prairie Hill in Texas.  Lula and Lee married and settled down to a life of farming and self employment. 

     Lee worked as a contractor/carpenter building barns and remodeling jobs along with farming and raising cattle.  Lula was a homemaker and took much pride in vegetable gardening and canning.   The most important part of their life was their two children, a son and a daughter. 

     She provided day care for her two grandchildren and as the next generation came, Lula and Lee welcomed the great grand-children.   Sunday lunches were a regular event with the whole family showing up almost every week.  They just squeezed more chairs around the big dining room table as the family grew.

     In their midlife and retirement years, Lula and Lee enjoyed going dancing with many friends in the “Top Cat Dance Club” and also playing cards as much as they could. 

     Lula, in her later years, developed Alzheimer’s and Lee stayed by her side through all. 

     Their life was a blessing to all who knew them and they were such an inspiration to their daughter and grand-daughter who now are the jewelry designers of “Lula ‘n’ Lee” and we dedicate our creative spirit to them.

AlmaLillie story pic.png


We’ve told the story of Lula and Lee and now the time has come to share the next chapter with the introduction of AlmaLillie.

         Our story continues in the small community of Prairie Hill in Texas with the birth of Lula and Lee’s beautiful blonde German/French baby girl.   As the little girl grew up and started school, she realized that she was different from her friends.  She didn’t have a middle name like Ann, Sue, or Lynn to name a few.  

One day the little girl came home from school and asked her parents how she could get a middle name.  Lula and Lee explained that she could follow the tradition of using family names such as the names of her godparents.  She quickly learned that her godparents were her two grandmothers, Alma and Lillie and her two aunts, Alma and Lillie.  It did not take her but a minute to announce to her parents that her new middle name would be Alma Lillie Alma Lillie.  She was so excited to carry on the family tradition and couldn’t wait to go to school the next day and share her new middle name with her teacher and friends.

As we carry on the family tradition and the inspiration of Lula and Lee, we are excited to announce the introduction of AlmaLillie.  AlmaLillies’s designer, Hannah Elizabeth, is definitely a rising star in the accessory world and her new and spiraling design ideas and concepts are introduced into the new label.  Her special attention to design, display and visual concepts is the key in the presentation of AlmaLillie.